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Installing dotnet core 2.2 version with ssh terminal

To check your dotnet core current version on your linux machine with terminal ssh connection type following command to terminal  dotnet --info Above commanve will give you detail explanation about your dotnet core version.To install 2.2 or any spesific version of dotnet core type following kind of command to your terminal then complete your dotnet core 2.2 version installation. sudo yum install dotnet-sdk-2.2

Sql Server Database Language Change

-- Set to single-user mode ALTER DATABASE   yourdatabasename SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE GO    -- change collation ALTER DATABASE  yourdatabasename    COLLATE Turkish_CI_AS ;   GO   -- Set to multi-user mode ALTER DATABASE yourdatabasename SET MULTI_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE ; GO   --Verify the collation setting.   SELECT name , collation_name   FROM sys . databases   WHERE name = yourdatabasename' ;