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Ekim, 2017 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Angular URL Escape character problem solving

While you try to redirect anything with url query paremeter with angular property, you may have problem with url encoding. my problem was # character to search with hashtag. example url which I was going to trying and fall to problem : if try it like that, you will have problem : <a href="{{ hashtagValue}}"> {{ hashtagValue}} </a> you should use escape filter as following; angular.module('angularModuleName').filter('escape', function () {     return function (input) {         if (input) {             return window.encodeURIComponent(input);         }         return "";     } }); use it in html like that : <a href="{{ hashtagValue  | escape  }}"> {{ hashtagValue}} </a> After added angular filter function in our angular app, we solved our problem deal with url parameter