• Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is really hard life style evertime, but all the successful people lived this life to make it real their dream.
    While I am on my facebook timeline , I catched the nice video about entrepreneurship, then I wanted to share on my blog.

    Before share this video I want to share some of thing at my life experience.

    What is the entrepreneurship and why we need it ? 

    Entrepreneurship is a choice to live our life like a ordinary people or extraordinary people.

    What Ordinary People Do? : Some of them have aim about their carrier and work to much for their personal developments and get success on bussiness life.Of course, It take some of time with collage,university,master degree programs and work experience.After that start to live their life as standart working day 8 hours then go home, sometimes have some of hobies as everyone but thats it.

    Others does not have any aim to get their life better, these people try to find some job to continue their life, these people don't want to work to much for their carrier or future.They just want to live their life with earn some of money to survive.They never be happy enough and everytime they can be find something to complaint about something.

    Most of the people in the world live their life as above.We are calling these people as Ordinary People.

    What Extraordinary People Do ?  : These people usually effected from anything in their life and try to get better something and everytime work so much to do it.Generally anyone does not belive to these type of people but these people never give up from the their dreams.

    These extraordinary people usually work to much to achieve their dreams.When anyone say to you, you are working to much but you didn't do anything  in your life and you still continue to working to make it real whatever you want.You are extraordinary people.

    You just need to more energy to work more then you can work, you never can give up, then one day you can make it better people in all the world, not just your life like a ordinary people.

    Now time to watch it.

    Quotation from Patric Bet-Davit  "Life is a reflection of the voices we listen to"
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